The possibilities are endless. Our platform and customer service grows with your business.
Loan Origination
Originate borrower applications via our 100% automated application. No more paper applications!
Collaborative Application
As a lender, you can view the borrower's application and edits in real time.
Co-Borrower Support
Allow multiple borrowers to work on the same application. You can also block out specific private data so that borrowers are not privy to specific information from their co-borrowers.
Multiple Export Options
Export your fully prepared credit memorandum in word format. You will also have the ability to export any and all data inputted by both the borrower and the lender.
Document Management
All your documents, in ONE place. Use our document management system to store borrower uploaded documents, as well as any lender uploaded ones.
Closing Checklist
Utilize our closing checklist to maintain a record of documents that you've received, in addition to ones that you will still require. You can also customize the checklist to fit you and your team's needs!
End to End Solution for Small SBA 7(a) Loans
From origination to underwriting to closing, LendUX streamlines the ENTIRE process for SBA 7(a) loans of $350k and under.
Bank Specific Workflows
Customize your own workflow; including emails, stages, checklist, and more!
Customize your dashboard to your liking to view specific applications in their respective phases/stages.
Referral Source Management
Allow your referral partners specific/limited access to your portal.
Communication Portal
Borrowers will have their communications hub to contact their respective lender. The lender will also have their communication based portal to ensure that all communications are organized accordingly. You will be able to send content includes documents, screenshots, and connect to the closing checklist to ensure proper document management.
API Connections
Connect via API to DocuSign, eTran, Secretary of State, Zillow, FICO, and more!
Obtain a simplified pre-application from your potential borrowers to discover if the loan is a viable one.
Loan Tracker
Provide your borrowers with a unique link so that they can track the status of their applications in real-time.
User/Role Management
Manage different lender user profiles and permissions.
Complete DocuSign Integration
Automate the entire closing process via pre-filled closing documents sent to the borrowers via DocuSign.
Full Audit Tracking
Keep track of any and all changes made by the borrower as well as the lender. You will also have the ability to download this audit and maintain it for your records.